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One of our most popular menus,

our chef is  on hand

to cook and to carve the meat.  

He will oversee the Buffet and is really a hassle free, relaxing time for you.

Inquirer about our

Spit Braai Packages.

Spit Braai Menu


Marinated Lamb on the Spit brushed with Mint basting sauce


Marinated Saddles of Beef, de-boned Legs of Lamb and Pork


Pricing Structure:

5 side dishes (hot and / or cold selection) and two desserts 

6 side dishes (hot and / or cold selection) and three desserts 


Salad Selection:

  • Salad Niçoise -  Lettuce salad with new potatoes, baby tomatoes, French beans, black olives, sliced boiled eggs and Pesto croutons served with a Herb vinaigrette dressing

  • Potato Salad with chopped eggs, crispy fried bacon bits with a mustard mayo

  • Garden Salad with baby tomatoes, grilled Haloumi cheese, marinated Aubergines, cucumber ribbons and peppers served with a creamy herb dressing

  • Salad Caprice – slices of Provolone cheese, tomato, grilled Aubergines, avo (when in season) napped with an Olive Oil Pesto dressing and shredded basil

  • Penne, country Ham and Peach salad in a creamy mayonnaise dressing

  • Marinated Mushroom, Feta cheese, Olive and Peppadew salad

  • Watermelon and Feta cheese salad with toasted pine nuts (seasonal)

  • Garden Salad with belle tomatoes, marinated Biltong, herb croutons, Peppadews, cucumber wedges and served with a creamy Blue cheese dressing sauce

  • Roasted Butternut, Bacon and Goats Cheese Feta salad topped with a Mustard vinaigrette dressing

  • Broccoli salad with crispy fried Pancetta, cheddar, red onions and cranberries tossed in a mayo dressing

  • Greek Chickpea salad with marinated chickpeas, pasta, Aubergine bits and crumbled Feta cheese with loads of fresh herbs


 Warm Selection:


  • Creamy Potato and Butternut bake with onions, garlic and cheese

  • Portuguese Potatoes – chunky potatoes cooked in a spicy Paprika and tomato sauce

  • Whole baked potatoes filled with Mozzarella cheese and garlic parsley butter

  • Lyonnaise Potatoes – potatoes fried with red onions, bacon and chopped mint

  • Roasted Butternut pieces with chunky onions, spinach, cheddar and coriander

  • Oven roasted corn on the Cob

  • Baby potatoes tossed with fresh herbs, olive oil, crumbled Feta cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds

  • Creamy spinach with bacon, onions and topped with melted cheddar cheese

  • Spinach, marinated Feta cheese and potato pie topped with phyllo pastry

  • Traditional Pap served with Shesebo gravy

  • Slices of Baby Marrow, Aubergines and carrots grilled with freshly grated Parmesan cheese

  • Warm Potato salad with creamy Goats cheese, fresh herbs and crispy fried bacon




  • Freshly baked Mielie and cheese bread with butter

  • Pot bread baked in cast iron pots served with butter

  • Focaccia bread with slivers of Pears, blue cheese crumbs and pecan nuts served with butter

  • Whole wheat mini loaves sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and served with butter




  • Trio of ice creams served with a warm Chocolate Fudge sauce and homemade Butterscotch sauce

  • Chocolate Bomb – layers of vanilla and chocolate ice cream mixed with brownie chunks, nougat and fresh berries, drizzled with chocolate

  • Strawberry, Coconut and Mascarpone ice cream cake drizzled with Strawberry coulis and topped with fresh berries

  •  Baked Ginger Malva pudding served with thick rum custard

  • White Chocolate and Berry Tiramisu dusted with cocoa and served with chocolate shards

  • French Apple and Custard tart served with cinnamon flavored Mascarpone

  • Profiterole tower – chocolate mousse and sweet cream profiterole stack, drizzled with chocolate and berries

  • Decadent Chocolate Brownie and Pecan nut squares

  • Baked Milktart topped with toasted cinnamon sugar almonds

  • Summer sliced Kebabs drizzled with rose syrup and Pistachio nuts

  • Lemon Cheese cake with biscuits crumbs and topped with fresh summer fruits and berries

  • Apple Baklava Phyllo dusted with icing and served with whipped Mascarpone cheese

  • S’mores Fudge slices – layers of biscuit crumbs, chocolate fudge and topped with a fluffy marshmallow topping


  • Cheese board – a selection of South African cheeses served with artisan, Fresh fruits, preserves, toasted Rosemary nuts and bread sticks at an additional charge 

  • Tea and Coffee available 


The menu prices include the following:


  • Chef on duty to cook and to carve the meat.  Chef is on duty for 8 hours, start to finish, anything over 8 hours will be charged exstra.

  • Spit braai and charcoal

  • All serving platter and heating equipment included for the menu


 The menu price excludes the following:


  • Dressed buffet table can be hired for the function at additional charge 

         This includes the hiring of buffet tables (two trestle tables) to serve the food on, table cloths, overlays, flowers/candles.

  • Buffet set up and styling according to a theme can be arranged.

  • Standard cutlery, crockery and quality white paper napkins at a extra charge.

  • Hiring of tables, chairs, linen, glasses for guests, can be arranged for.

  • Qualified Barmen and Waiters can be arranged.  Please note that staff is charged from set up time and required to work a minimum of five hours.  There will be an additional charge for transport allowance if the function is outside certain areas in JHB and with where staff need to work evening functions.

  • Delivery fee's excluded All prices quoted exclude VAT

  • Delivery of Spit to start approximately 5 hours prior to eating time

  • Regrettably no Sunday functions.

  • Minimum of 30 guests required for a Spit Braai.

  • Halal and Vegetarian options available at a surcharge.

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