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Our cakes and biscuits are not only beautifully handcrafted to suit your needs but taste divine,
contact us to for more information. 
Nubian Bride Magazin
Ruffled Champagne Cake
White Chocolate Wedding Cake
Little Naked Cakes
Chiffon Cake with cream
Girlie Beach Party
Day of the Dead Cookie
Baby Shower Choux Swans
Tanya's Cake
Black and Yellow Cupcakes
For Aimee...
Glam Birthday Cake
Love Biscuits
Boy Treats...
Heart Biscuits
Glam Heart Stack
Rustic Naked Cake
Christmas Biscuits
Chocolate Shard Cupcake
Little Boy Blue Biscuits
Flower Power
Christmas Ginger Bread Wreath
Stax 2
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