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Popular for office and

training lunches,

platters are for

10 guests and

range from Breakfast platters to 

Lunches and Sweet Treats Platters






Mixed Platters 

Platter 1

Cocktail Chicken Schnitzels burgers topped with sour cream

            Chicken Drummies wrapped in bacon

            Sautéed mushroom, caramelized onion and Feta cocktail quiches

             Meatballs with Parmesan and fennel seeds

             Paprika Sirloin wraps with glazed onions and sour cream

Platter 2

 Cocktail Beef Burgers with onion marmalade and tomato relish

            Skewered Thai Chicken balls with sweet chili sauce

             Tiropita – Greek Phyllo squares filled with cream cheese and Feta cheese

            Coriander Beef Satay sticks with a Honey and Tamarind glaze

            Herb and Parmesan chicken strips served with a pesto mayonnaise


Platter 3

Focaccia rounds filled with shredded beef, cheese, lettuce and Balsamic onions

            Honey Sesame chicken Drummies

            Chipolatas wrapped in bacon sticks

            Free form spinach and ricotta tarts

            Beef Lollipop sticks served with a tomato chili jam


Savoury Platters

Tart and Pastry platter

 Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom Phyllo triangles, Butternut, Sun dried tomato and Mozzarella tartlets, Cocktail Lamb pies,  Paprika Sirloin wraps with glazed onions and sour cream and Chiriquo and Feta cheese frittatas topped with herb cream cheese


Chicken Platter (Halaal)

Cocktail Chicken Schnitzel burgers topped with sour cream, Teriyaki Chicken drummies with toasted sesame seeds, Skewered Thai Chicken balls with sweet chili sauce, Herb and Parmesan chicken strips served with a pesto mayonnaise and Thai Chicken and Lemongrass Sausage rolls


Beef Platter

Chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon, Cigaros – spicy mince phyllo cigars served with an Herb yogurt dip, Meatballs with Parmesan and fennel seeds, Coriander Beef Satay sticks with a Honey and Tamarind glaze and Paprika Sirloin wraps with glazed onions and sour cream


Cheese Platter

  A selection of Local South African Cheeses accompanied by Crackers, Sesame crusted Bread sticks, fresh fruits, preserves and toasted mixed Rosemary nuts.


Vegetarian Platter

Roasted Tomato and Feta cheese tartlets topped with deep fried Basil leaves, Marinated Mushroom Sticks with olives and sun dried tomatoes, Spinach and Artichoke Phyllis pastry fingers,  Vegetable Frittata topped with Hummus      


Sweet Platters 

Platter 1

  Mini Dessert glasses filled with Brownie crumbs and Chocolate mousse, Passion fruit Panecotta and Banofee pie, layers of biscuits, banana and whipped caramel, topped with cream      


Platter 2 

Healthy:  Mini Summer fruit sticks, Berry Yogurt Mousse cups, Apple and Cinnamon phyllo and Meringue fingers served with a Fruit dipping sauce


Platter 3

 Syrupy Apple Baklava stacks, Phyllo pastry Milk tarts with toasted sugar almonds, Chocolate Brownie slices and Cheesecake Cupcakes with ganache

Platter 4 

 Chocolate Blondie slice, syrupy Sticky Toffee cupcakes, Orange and Chocolate Lamingtons and Apple Crumble Tartlets

Breakfast Platters – charged per person (minimum 10 pax)

Freshly baked Muffin basket - Mini Banana bread loaves topped with toasted Banana chips, Apple Cinnamon muffins topped with slivers of apples,  Cranberry and White chocolate muffins and a Savoury muffin of Spinach and Cheddar muffin.



Breakfast Tart Platter – to be served warm, a Breakfast Tart of Chipolatas, Mushroom, bacon and peppers


a Roasted Baby Tomato and Feta cheese Tart with fresh Basil



Selection of Croissants with the following fillings – Dutch Ham, Emmentaler cheese and salad greens, Shaved Roast Beef, onion marmalade and salad greens, Roasted Chicken and Lemon mayo with salad greens



Cocktail Breakfast Platter with Bacon, Mozzarella, Peppadew and Rocket breakfast wraps, Mushroom, Chiriquo, spinach and Feta cheese Frittata’s, Berry Flapjacks with toasted sugared almonds, Scotch eggs and Fruit kebabs

 Healthy: Platter of summer fruit kebab sticks, layered breakfast glass of pineapple, vanilla yogurt and ginger crunch.  Frittata with Baby potatoes, Tomato and Haddock and a Bran, Carrot and Muesli Muffin.


Served Warm, Cocktail Pork Chipolatas wrapped in bacon, Baby potatoes with cheesy Bacon and Skewers with roasted tomatoes and marinatedmushrooms

            Served in chafing dish, 2 of each per person


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